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Top new questions this week:

Pull request merge process requiring rebase after every commit merged into master?

I'm working in a codebase at work that requires that anyone who wants to merge a PR rebase against the last master prior to merging the pull request. To further complicate things, CI (which takes ...

github merge  
user avatar asked by roulette01 Score of 13
user avatar answered by Flater Score of 24

Matching dependency versions across multiple Python projects

I have about 60 repos containing Python packages, currently using setuptools in a (run via pip install) to manage third-party dependencies. Most of these packages need to be installed on a ...

python dependencies dependency-management  
user avatar asked by Jason C Score of 6
user avatar answered by J_H Score of 5

Are "need to call objects in parent object" and "avoid circular dependency" reasons to avoid "Tell, don't ask"?

According to Explanation on how "Tell, Don't Ask" is considered good OO, I know I should avoid get the state of an object and then decides the actions to take to that object, eg: Bad: ...

object-oriented coding-style  
user avatar asked by wcminipgasker2023 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Simon B Score of 27

Design of API which is based on third-party implementations

I have 5 interfaces in an API component, which in its turn call an external 3d party solution provider (REST). The goal is to make this component universal, and under the hood support multiple service ...

api-design architectural-patterns 3rd-party  
user avatar asked by PavelPraulov Score of 2
user avatar answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau Score of 1

Serializing key-values vs array of options

Is there a reason to encode options like this: { "options":[ { "name":"opt1", "value":"val1", }, { ...

user avatar asked by Samuel Score of 2
user avatar answered by gnasher729 Score of 0

Best design practice when one python method passes most of its arguments to another method

My code has 2 python methods defined, m1 and m2. m1 receives 6 arguments - p1,p2,p3...p6. It uses p1 in its own code, but passes p2-p6 to m2. Is there a recommended programming style here to prevent ...

architecture python api  
user avatar asked by str31 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Doc Brown Score of 2

Why non-blocking switch needed?

I know that a non-blocking switch is a switch that can manage the sum of the maximum theoretical speeds of all its ports. However, as the term suggests, "theoretical" maximum speed is just a ...

user avatar asked by KSMoon Score of 1
user avatar answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Multiple boolean arguments - why is it bad?

This seems to be a commonly encountered and brought up code smell, and is a common feature in multiple coding design books which I wasn't fully able to understand. Say I have a function def ...

design clean-code  
user avatar asked by Utsav Dutta Score of 37
user avatar answered by Flater Score of 95

AGPL - what you can do and what you can't

AGPL is a fairly new license that was meant to go GPL-over-networks. However, not being a lawyer, and actually not having read the whole license, I can't understand what exactly you can do freely and ...

licensing agpl  
user avatar asked by Bozho Score of 241
user avatar answered by Mark H Score of 60

How should I behave as a developer in a project that's headed for failure?

I am a developer in a 5-member team and I believe our project is headed for disaster. I'll describe why in a moment, but my question is: how should I behave? The deadline is in 1.5 months, and I ...

project-management team project failure legacy-code  
user avatar asked by Louis Rhys Score of 351
user avatar answered by MrFox Score of 329

What's the difference between simulation and emulation

I frequently see Simulation and Emulation in computer science. These two terms seem synonymous. Is there any difference between Simulation and Emulation?

terminology simulation  
user avatar asked by user Score of 100
user avatar answered by S.Robins Score of 115

What to do if a core function does exactly what you need to do, but has a bug

This is something that I come across fairly often, and there are a couple ways to proceed, but never know which is the best way. I usually pick one way at random. I'm looking for a framework that I ...

design bug  
user avatar asked by Cave Johnson Score of 23
user avatar answered by candied_orange Score of 34

RESTful API. Should I be returning the object that was created / updated?

I'm designing a RESTful web service using WebApi and was wondering what HTTP responses and response bodies to return when updating / creating objects. For example I can use the POST method to send ...

rest http  
user avatar asked by iswinky Score of 116
user avatar answered by Eric Stein Score of 76

Staging environment vs Production environment

I work for a company where we build enterprise applications, and we maintain three environments: development (or dev), staging (or stage) and production (or prod). The meaning of dev is intuitive: it'...

enterprise-architecture java-ee enterprise-development  
user avatar asked by rdasxy Score of 109
user avatar answered by Mike Score of 165
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