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Top new questions this week:

Should we abandon the "if not null" pattern?

I've seen that with the Dictionary API now has methods with bool TryGetValue<TKey, TValue>(TKey key, out TValue value) and I like this kind of methods because they're signaling to the other devs ...

c# coding-style  
asked by MaxouMask Score of 11
answered by Ryathal Score of 17

Why is having bloated interfaces an anti pattern?

[I'm using the term interface here with C#'s interface in mind. I won't tag the question with a C# tag because it really isn't a C# question.] In my work we do unit and integration tests but we don't ...

object-oriented unit-testing solid  
asked by underthevoid Score of 7
answered by Martin Maat Score of 8

How to keep attribution in version control (git) when one author moves another author's code?

Sometimes code will need to be moved. A common example is some logic that exists in a controller needs to get moved to a helper class so it can be called from outside of that controller. So someone ...

git version-control attribution  
asked by chiliNUT Score of 2
answered by Thomas Owens Score of 1

Could a language allow for persistent allocations without heap?

Is it possible in theory to have a programming language that allows for object lifetimes that exist beyond the current scope but without using heap? As a little background, in embedded development it ...

programming-languages stack heap  
asked by Jeff Score of 1
answered by Pete Kirkham Score of 1

Best way to store key-value pairs of different types in c++?

I'm reading values from a (PE) binary file. The values have a known length and position in the file and are stored with no padding (right next to each other). They store various types (int, long, ...

design object-oriented c++ data  
asked by Ciprum Score of 1

PyPI Package Names Governance

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a public repository, and it seems that anyone can upload packages to it using a tool like twine. The openness of the system raises some questions: Say, a person/...

python packages package-managers  
asked by shinvu Score of 1
answered by jwodder Score of 1

Hexagonal Architecture: What is the purpose of the input ports?

Pretty simple question, but googling brought me nowhere: What is the purpose of input ports in the hexagonal architecture? We are doing Java and seem to have some misunderstandings regarding the input ...

asked by shadowhorst Score of 1
answered by Filip Milovanović Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is Global State so Evil?

Before we start this, let me say I'm well aware of the concepts of Abstraction and Dependency Injection. I don't need my eyes opened here. Well, most of us say, (too) many times without really ...

design-patterns state globals  
asked by Madara's Ghost Score of 410
answered by GordonM Score of 334

Why doesn't HTTP have POST redirect?

HTTP redirects are done via HTTP codes 301, and 302 (maybe other codes also) and a header field known as "Location" which has the address of the new place to go. However, browsers always send a "GET" ...

web-development web-applications http  
asked by Saeed Neamati Score of 219
answered by David Ruttka Score of 222

Should you write your back-end as an API?

I had a heated discussion today about our MVC application. We have a website written in MVC (ASP.NET), and it usually follows the pattern of do something in the view -> hit the controller -> ...

mvc api-design  
asked by NibblyPig Score of 339
answered by gbjbaanb Score of 296

What is the difference between the incremental and iterative approach to software development?

The Incremental approach is a method of software development where the model is designed, implemented and tested incrementally (a little more is added each time) until the product is finished. It ...

development-process iterative-development  
asked by Computernerd Score of 17
answered by Evan Plaice Score of 16

What is constructor injection?

I have been looking at the terms constructor injection and dependency injection while going through articles on (Service locator) design patterns. When I googled about constructor injection, I got ...

c# terminology dependency-injection  
asked by TheSilverBullet Score of 54

What is the difference between technical specifications and design documents?

What are technical specifications? Are they the same as design documents. If not, what is the difference and some examples?

documentation specifications  
asked by John V Score of 41
answered by miraculixx Score of 36

Is it better to return NULL or empty values from functions/methods where the return value is not present?

I am looking for a recommendation here. I am struggling with whether it is better to return NULL or an empty value from a method when the return value is not present or cannot be determined. Take ...

object-oriented design-patterns architecture object-oriented-design  
asked by P B Score of 167
answered by JW8 Score of 97

Can you answer this question?

Database design for a reccomendation system

I am working on a project which will have a recommendation system and I am in the database design phase, I have a good foundation in programming but databases is a new topic for me, I have designed a ...

database database-design relational-database machine-learning  
asked by PixD Score of 1
answered by KIKO Software Score of 0
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