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Top new questions this week:

Why is 2FA usually done after the correct password has been provided?

If all accounts have 2FA for a given product, is there any reason why the 2FA box couldn't be on the primary login screen? Is it bad practice to request 2FA code along with username and password on ...

design programming-practices web-development  
asked by FirstLegion 16 votes
answered by Avner Shahar-Kashtan 41 votes

What does "representing" something in memory mean in OOP?

While learning about OOP, I have found that the term "represent" is used a lot in OOP tutorials. For example I may find a statement like this: "a car object represents a real life ...

object-oriented terminology  
asked by johnny92 13 votes
answered by Christophe 61 votes

What are the benefits of multiple projects over namespaces in a solution?

I have been tasked to set up a guide for a microservice solution structure and find myself reflecting on why exactly I do things the way I do them. I am struggling to find an answer to the question ...

c# .net microservices  
asked by Bruellhusten 6 votes
answered by Fabio 3 votes

Data handling in SRP (single responsibility principle)

I have read a lot about separating methods and function into "single reason to change" classes. But when it comes to data, I find very little details. I am not sure where to put the data, ...

solid single-responsibility  
asked by FrankM 4 votes
answered by Doc Brown 2 votes

How do services distribute their servers around the globe while maintaining their whole dataset intact?

I've always been curious on how services such as google/youtube have multiple datacenters across the globe to serve requests faster to users while keeping their whole dataset structure intact. There ...

server database-development  
asked by Epic Speedy 3 votes
answered by Lie Ryan 5 votes

how to represent functions and global variables in UML?

I'm going to translate into UML a C++ project I have been doing for a few days and which I estimate convenient to handle as a model for a way better management. The problem is the following: I tried ...

c++ uml functions modeling  
asked by Miguel Avila 2 votes
answered by Christophe 4 votes

Updating properties with vertical slice architecture

In Vertical Slice Architecture (VSA) you are supposed to have a class for pretty much every operation you can do (as I understand it). Some example, also mentioned in the referenced article, are: Get ...

object-oriented domain-driven-design vertical-slice-architecture  
asked by Jakob Busk Sørensen 2 votes
answered by Doc Brown 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Service layer vs DAO -- Why both?

I have been working with SpringMVC, Hibernate, and some databases in a java web application example. There are a few different ones that do this, but this Spring 3 and hibernate integration tutorial ...

java web-applications hibernate spring-mvc  
asked by Jeff 69 votes
answered by gbjbaanb 61 votes

'import module' vs. 'from module import function'

I have always been using this method: from sys import argv and use argv with just argv. But there is a convention of using this: import sys and using the argv by sys.argv The second method ...

asked by Santosh Kumar 161 votes
answered by Martijn Pieters 191 votes

What does 'stage' mean in git?

I find git hard to understand as I could not find the meaning of the words used for the actions. I have checked the dictionary for the meaning of 'stage' and none of the meanings were related to ...

git version-control  
asked by 000 367 votes
answered by Rook 347 votes

Pros and Cons of Facebook's React vs. Web Components (Polymer)

What are the main benefits of Facebook's React over the upcoming Web Components spec and vice versa (or perhaps a more apples-to-apples comparison would be to Google's Polymer library)? According to ...

javascript html react  
asked by CletusW 532 votes
answered by rsp 677 votes

Is it OK to have multiple asserts in a single unit test?

In the comment to this great post, Roy Osherove mentioned the OAPT project that is designed to run each assert in a single test. The following is written on the project's home page: Proper unit ...

asked by Restuta 446 votes
answered by Jaco Pretorius 262 votes

Where did the notion of "one return only" come from?

I often talk to programmers who say "Don't put multiple return statements in the same method." When I ask them to tell me the reasons why, all I get is "The coding standard says so." or "It's ...

coding-style coding-standards history control-structures control-flow  
asked by fredoverflow 1205 votes
answered by kevin cline 1300 votes

How to avoid comments about one line of code for cleanliness

I'm trying to clean up some of my code using some best practices, and read that comments are almost always a bad idea for future maintainability. I've managed to get rid of most of them by refactoring ...

clean-code comments  
asked by Adam B 66 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 78 votes

Can you answer this question?

Service bus and strict message order - how can I handle failed messages?

I am considering using Azure Service Bus, however my question applies to queues in general. I have a requirement to send messages in a certain order. Say that the publisher sends a message to the ...

message-queue azure service-bus  
asked by user11081980 1 vote
answered by candied_orange 0 votes
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