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Top new questions this week:

Unexpected Code Coverage Reduction

I am adding unit tests to some existing code which initially was not tested at all. I have set up my CI system to fail builds where the code coverage percentage is reduced compared to previous build ...

unit-testing refactoring continuous-integration test-coverage test-automation  
asked by Jonathan Gross 34 votes
answered by Doc Brown 18 votes

In TDD, should I add unit tests to refactored code?

While refactoring my code using Test Driven Development (TDD), should I keep making new test cases for the new refactored code I am writing? This question is bases on the following TDD steps: Write ...

design architecture unit-testing refactoring tdd  
asked by Albuquerque 24 votes
answered by Flater 35 votes

Time Complexity of Parallel.ForEach

Pseudo code and comments to explain: // first select companies to process from db foreach (company) { // select the employees foreach (employee of company) { // select items they can ...

complexity parallelism  
asked by Jesse Q 12 votes
answered by Vector Zita 40 votes

Why was "self" chosen over "this" for the name of the first parameter of python methods?

What was the rationale for choosing the name self instead of this when defining class methods in Python? Yes, of course, you can name it whatever you want - but the widely agreed-upon name for the ...

python naming language-design history this  
asked by Qix 6 votes
answered by Christophe 10 votes

How does the Arabic typographic layout system work at a high level?

I have some Arabic content that is justified according to western conventions. I justified it because it is justified in ancient sources: However, the way Arabic text justification works is by ...

graphics text-processing rendering fonts  
asked by Lance Pollard 5 votes
answered by Lance Pollard 3 votes

Is the builder pattern appropriate to use to update Objects in a Service layer?

Currently, in our service layer, we pass an id as well as a new updated value, something akin to updatePersonName(Person person, Name name) which, in turn, calls the corresponding repository ...

java design design-patterns architecture  
asked by Joe 5 votes
answered by candied_orange 5 votes

How to avoid many objects in constructors when many steps are performed by a class

I have a process which must do 8 steps, in a particular order. One of the step involves sending an email, another one going on a distant FTP server, another one querying a database, and so on. Now to ...

c# design-patterns object-oriented-design .net coupling  
asked by user1861857 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Choosing between Single or multiple projects in a git repository?

In a git environment, where we have modularized most projects, we're facing the one project per repository or multiple projects per repository design issue. Let's consider a modularized project: ...

java programming-practices version-control git maven  
asked by Johan Sjöberg 225 votes

How accurate is "Business logic should be in a service, not in a model"?

Situation Earlier this evening I gave an answer to a question on StackOverflow. The question: Editing of an existing object should be done in repository layer or in service? For example ...

design-patterns layers  
asked by Jeroen Vannevel 402 votes
answered by Aaronaught 371 votes

How is a "Software Developer" different from a "Software Consultant"? What makes a consultant?

I have seen a lot of people claiming themselves to be a "software consultant". These consultants do what a normal software developer does, write code, estimate tasks, fix bugs and attend meetings etc. ...

asked by Kumar 123 votes
answered by Gary Rowe 107 votes

What is the difference between user requirements and system requirements?

From what I've read I believe user requirements are just the system requirements given in lay mans terms, is this correct? I'm specifically referring to the book "Software Engineering" by Ian ...

requirements users system  
asked by 5had3sofQu4rtz 6 votes
answered by Robert Harvey 12 votes

My boss decided to add a "person to blame" field to every bug report. How can I convince him that it's a bad idea?

In one of the latest "WTF" moves, my boss decided that adding a "Person To Blame" field to our bug tracking template will increase accountability (although we already have a way of tying bugs to ...

teamwork bug-report  
asked by MK_Dev 695 votes
answered by gnat 674 votes

Difference between a socket and a port

Could someone please explain quite clearly the difference between a port and a socket. I know that a port serves as a door into the network for an application process and that the application process ...

networking sockets networks  
asked by cobie 123 votes
answered by Useless 117 votes

What is the point of using DTO (Data Transfer Objects)?

What is the point of using DTO and is it an out dated concept? I use POJOs in the view layer to transfer and persist data. Can these POJOs be considered as an alternative to DTOs?

java design-patterns  
asked by Vinoth Kumar C M 133 votes
answered by theD 116 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Design of Spring boot endpoint that returns large amount of data continously until complete

I'm developing a web application using Spring Boot and React, that needs to return information about hotels from different cities: As an input of the controller, I receive a list of cities that can ...

event-sourcing spring-boot  
asked by Rouliboy 1 vote

Where should objects be built from view-models in a layered architecture?

Having the following classes: Person.cs namespace Project.Domain { public class Person { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public decimal ...

c# architectural-patterns mvvm layers  
asked by Maximiliano 2 votes
answered by Fabio 0 votes

Preventing setting regression with configuration tied to a build

I have inherited a distributed application with a lot of legacy configuration management. Currently the application does not get it's settings updated with an application update. The flow looks ...

design architecture testing data  
asked by finleyarcher 1 vote
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