create wiki posts

Creation privilege awarded at 10 reputation

What are Community Wiki posts?

Community wiki posts are more easily editable by all users, and do not confer any reputation.

When should I make my answers Community Wiki?

  1. When you want to enhance the "wiki" aspect of your post, so that it can be a continually evolving source of good information through repeated editing.

  2. When you feel your post would benefit from less concern about voting affecting the reputation of those participating in it.

How do Community Wiki posts work?

You can choose to make any answer you own a community wiki by ticking the checkbox under the edit area:

New answer screen shot

There are also several ways a question or answer can automatically enter community wiki mode. In these cases, we believe that the post is de-facto wiki:

  • the body of the post has been edited by at least 5 different users
  • the post has been edited 10 times by the original owner
  • you answer a question marked community wiki
  • a question generates more than 15 answers

Moderators can also choose to convert posts into community wiki mode if they feel it is appropriate for the question or answer. Once a post is made community wiki through any of the above ways, that mode cannot be removed (except through moderator intervention in extreme circumstances).

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