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How to Deliberately Practice Software Engineering?

I just finished reading this recent article. It's a very interesting read, and it makes some great points. The point that specifically jumped out at me was this:

The difference was in how they spent this [equal] time. The elite players were spending almost three times more hours than the average players on deliberate practice — the uncomfortable, methodical work of stretching your ability.

This article (if you care not to read it) is discussing violin players. Of course, being a software engineer, my mind turned towards software ability. Granted, there are some very naturally talented individuals out there, but time and time again, it is those folks who stretch their abilities through deliberate practice that really become exceptional at their craft.

My question is - how would one go about practicing the "scales" of software engineering and computer science? When I practice the piano, I will spend more of my time on scales and less on a fun song. How can I do the same in developing software?

To head off early answers, I don't feel that "work on an open source project," and similar answers, is really right. Sure...that can improve your skills, but you could just as easily get stuck focusing on something that is unimportant to your craft as a whole. It can become the equivalent of learning "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and never being able to play Chopin.

So, again, I ask - how would you suggest that someone deliberately practice software engineering?