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"good code that only can do A is worse than bad code that can do A, B, C, and D."

This may make some sense in product development; But most of the IT professionals work in 'projects' rather than product developemnt.

In 'IT projects', if you program a good componenet, it will function smoothly for the life time of the project - which may not run longer than 5 or 10 years by then the business scenario might have beome obsolete and a new project/ERP product might have replaced it. During this 5/10 year life span, unless htere are defects in your code, no one will notice it's existance and merits of your best thoughts are gone unnoticed! (unless you are good in beting your own trumpet loud!)

Not many get an opportunity to program the 'Windows Ctl+Alt+Del' and those few get that chance may not realise the future-potential of their code!

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