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Truth is, it depends. As mentioned, if the code does not separate concerns and tries to do everything in one method then its a problem. Separating code into multiple modules makes it easier to read code, as well as write code(by multiple programmers). Adhering to one module(class) per source file is a good idea to begin with.

Secondly, when it comes to functions/procedures:

void setDataValueAndCheckForRange(Data *data) {/*code*/} 

is a good method if it checks for the range of only "Data". It is a BAD method when the same range applies for multiple functions(example of bad code):

void setDataValueAndCheckForRange(Data *data){ /*code */}
void addDataValuesAndCheckForRange(Data *result, Data *d1, Data *d2){ /*code*/}
void subDataValuesAndCheckForRange(Data *result, Data *d1, Data *d2){ /*code*/}
void mulDataValuesAndCheckForRange(Data *result, Data *d1, Data *d2){ /*code*/}

This has to be refactored to:

bool isWithinRange(Data *d){ /*code*/ }
void setDataValue(Data *d) {/*code*/ if(isWithinRange(d)){/*continue*/}else{/*warn/abort*/} 
void addDataValue(Data *d, Data *d1, Data *d2) {/*code*/ if(isWithinRange(d)){/*continue*/}else{/*warn/abort*/} 
void subDataValue(Data *d, Data *d1, Data *d2) {/*code*/ if(isWithinRange(d)){/*continue*/}else{/*warn/abort*/} 
void mulDataValue(Data *d, Data *d1, Data *d2) {/*code*/ if(isWithinRange(d)){/*continue*/}else{/*warn/abort*/} 

REUSE code as much as possible. And that's possible when each function of your program is SIMPLE(not necessarily easy) enough.

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