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For interfaces (e.g., method signatures, function signatures) I tend to solve this by annotating the parameter declarations. For C/C++ this decorates the .h file as well as the code of the implementation.

I do the same for variable declarations where knowing the usage of the variable is not obvious in context and in the naming. (This applies in languages that don't have strong typing also.)

There are many things that we don't want to clog the variable name. Is the angle in radians or degrees, is there some tolerance on precision or range, etc. The information can provide valuable assertions about characteristics that must be dealt with correctly.

I am not religious about it. I am simply interested in clarity and in making sure that I now what it is the next time my forgetful self visits the code. And anyone looking over my shoulder has what they need to know to see where something is off, what is essential (the last critical for proper maintenance).