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What a bunch of nonsense: "Real Programmers don't need Debuggers." Might as well say that a real programmer doesn't need any IDE, just give me a note pad and a dull pencil. The debugger is a tool like any other that aids productivity.

Also, consider that not everyone tasked with debugging code is familiar with that code in question. Many time contractors come into an environment where they only have a general ideal what is happening. They may even be given a detailed description of an environment – or a 20 year old schema map and guide to arcane naming conventions (try understanding the difference between table X1234 and table X4312 with fields F1, F2, and F3 [yes, garbage like this exists] when you are new), but many times that description is wrong; otherwise, why is there a "mystery" error.

As someone new to an environment, you can spend hours or days mapping and getting to "know" a large database for a problem area that you may fix and then never have need to look at again. This is a huge waste of time and money. If you have access to the debugger, you look see what is happening, correct it, and are gone in a matter of minutes. All of this "you don't need debuggers" hooey is just elitist puffery.

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