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The head of a computer science department recently wrote this article about business majors who would call-in to ask if a programmer would join their projects. He writes that the value of a product comes from its execution, not just the idea.

Another article also mentions that the execution is what matters and that an "ideas guy" is really just deadweight to a business that isn't making any sales.

The best bet is to tell the non-programmer that if he's serious about building his great idea, he should:

  1. Approach potential customers with the idea -- if he doesn't know who they are, then he can't get revenue anyway.
  2. Get them to sign a non-binding letter of interest to raise capital -- if they won't sign, then they aren't really interested.
  3. Pay developers the market rate to build the product -- if he can't convince developers to take less than the market rate, then his idea really isn't cutting edge.