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How do big companies maintain their products' codessource code without it falling into wrong hands?

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How big companies maintain their products' codes without falling into wrong hands?

I am developing a web application by using ASP.NET. I would like to hire some developers to speed up my process but I am afraid what If my members take my code and go away? I am just wondering how big companies maintain their product code without falling into wrong hands. For eg: As I said you earlier I am hiring some staff to my speed up my process but you know every man is not same. Some people may work hardly and some may get the whole code and leave.

So my question is how big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo keep their code protected?

Facebook currently have nearly 8,348 members (September 2014). If I say each and every person have the full Facebook code am I right or wrong?

So what are the best practices should I follow if I hire staff members to speed up the process?