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Language syntax: There are some good clues in pihipi and phpreboot of what developers are interested in (though phpreboot goes too far becoming JS).

Development methodology: It would greatly enhance the lifespan of PHP.net if such surveys were actually taken into account. Do not make any more willy-nilly afternoon IRC session syntax decisions.

Individual features: Some have been mentioned before, but I'll happily burn some karma to be extra blunt here:

  • Unicode string type.
  • Bigint (see Python).
  • Runkit builtin to remove/rename/override builtin functions and classes, which aren't always that well designed.
  • Modern OOP
    • multiple inheritance (instead of complexity to support seldom edge cases with clumsy traits syntax)
    • scalars can double as objects (see Python), e.g. array() works as ArrayObject, or strings as SplString (needs usable methods, all string funcs should be available as str::toupper())
  • Deprecate the shitty shit \ namespace syntax, fix the parser, and adopt :: as alternative. You know, like a real language.
  • Any variation of LINQ (allthough I don't trust you guys do devise a sensible syntax)
  • or XML literals.
  • Get rid of php.ini runtime behaviour and semantic switches. It takes out some of the excitement, true, but would benefit developers and user base.
  • Yes, magic_quotes are not gone yet.
  • Convert Zend Engine bytecode to PBC

Albeit, if this isn't obvious, I'd happily fund anyone else to do the latter, and kill off php.net as main implementation. :P
Oh, just noticed, it's community wiki. So there's a chance you're not actually here for the karma, but genuine interest. If so, look into the <b> issue </b> which seriously hurts the language (directoritis).

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