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How to go about testing un-injectable code?

So I have the following piece of code in use all over my system. We're currently writing unit tests retrospectively (better late than never was my argument), but I don't see how this would be testable?

public function validate($value, Constraint $constraint)
    $searchEntity = EmailAlertToSearchAdapter::adapt($value);

    $queryBuilder = SearcherFactory::getSearchDirector($searchEntity->getKeywords());
    $adapter = new SearchEntityToQueryAdapter($queryBuilder, $searchEntity);
    $query = $adapter->setupBuilder()->build();

    $totalCount = $this->advertType->count($query);

    if ($totalCount >= self::MAXIMUM_MATCHING_ADS) {

Conceptually this should be applicable to any language, but I'm using PHP. The code simply builds up an ElasticSearch query object, based on a Search object, which in turn is built off an EmailAlert object. These Search and EmailAlert's are just POPO's.

My problem is that I don't see how I can mock out the SearcherFactory (which uses the static method), nor the SearchEntityToQueryAdapter, which needs the results from SearcherFactory::getSearchDirector and the Search instance. How do I inject something that gets built from results within a method? Maybe there's some design pattern I'm not aware of?

Thanks for any help!