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Transition from domaindatabase-first project to DDD project

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Transition from domain-first project to DDD project

We have a web api c# project that was build using database-first several years ago. Now there is a need to make a transition to DDD architecture for this same project. The main reason for this is to put emphasis on business logic (that did not change a lot) and application design so it has a room to expand with new functionalities. Obviously with spaghetti code this is not so easy to do.

Since we know DDD is not just a code-first approach, but it uses a lot of different patterns and designs with domain model as it prime focus, we are looking for some answers that would make this transition as smooth as possible

  • Can we build domain on top of existing db model? (since DDD should be persistence ignorant, this should be achievable)
  • Can we build aggregates from existing db objects?
  • Would a new project from scratch (including db) be better option?

We found related article but it doesn't mention building domain on top of existing context