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Ways to store objects, inherited from one superclass in a database

For my personal project I need to store 2D shapes in a Postgres database. For example Circle, Pentagon, Rectangle and so on. At first I've done it like so: all shapes are inherited from an abstract class called Shapes, which has some methods that I need each object to perform on itself, for example (I'm using java with Spring data):

for(Shape shape : shapes){

This is good in code, but I don't know a good way to store this in a database. Every shape has some parameters that are different from others (radius for circle, height and length for rectangle etc.) so it looks like I need many tables for each geometry type. But how to reference each shape from another table then?

Right now I try to solve this with a single class called Geometry. It has a type field and a set of parameters linked to it Circle for example will have one record in table Geometry and one record in table Parameters. This class also has all the methods needed for each available shape, like this:

        case circle: ....
        case pentagon: ...

But I'm wondering if there are more elegant ways to solve this?