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Learning different coding paradigms can really open your mind up to a higher level of thought. Looking at your standard diagramming vs the COBOL VTOC for example. Reading the Extreme Programming tenants. Actually trying to do a program with a top down programming method, then a bottoms up method.

Understanding your standard OO theories is helpfull - Overloading, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc.

I used to think, before I learned so many languages, that if I only learned enough languages that would make me a great programmer, because every language has something special - Pascal has set notation, COBOL has extrodinarily efficient memory allocation for multidimensional arrays, BASIC is... basic. But chances are that simply learning a small set of languages that are radically different, like (COBOL, C++, and LISP) will be an improvement. I cannot verify that though.

Knowing that every language is just syntax - especially if your not going to take the time to learn what a language is really good at.

Digesting the grim reality that documentation really does matter.