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@giddy, Peter: As a programmer hailing from India, I'll have to admit to the truth, sad as it is, of your statements: programming in India is not something people take to out of choice, but out of compulsions, be they social or economic. That's one reason why it's very common in India to find people quickly moving away from technical jobs to purely managerial ones (it's actually called "moving up the ladder", a phrase I've come to detest). Even if you want to continue growing as a techie, managerial roles get foisted on you (that's one reason why I decided to move out of India, actually).

For reasons that are beyond me, career growth is equated with the number of people working for, or to be more accurate, under you. "I am responsible for a team of x" or "x people work under me" is a statement that's considered to be worthy of a "successful" person in India (never mind that the "x people" may be the ones producing the kind of code that has been referred to by others in this thread).

Having said all that, I do like to point out that poor code quality is not something that's confined to India or other "low-cost" countries alone. I sometimes see familiar attitudes and code quality even here in Europe. Thankfully, they're not the general rule though.

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