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A computer science degree is almost certainly a big plus for lots of reasons.

If you're saying "I have a nice job offer based on my existing experience, should I accept and not do a degree" then it's a toss-up: it'll be harder to get jobs without a degree, but there will hopefully be some jobs that will value four years of commercial experience more than a degree.

If you're saying "I want to do a maths or science degree, not computer science", then that's probably fine (depending on your location): most jobs I see want a good degree and don't insist on it being computer science.

But if you're not sure, a computer science degree is, I think, becoming more and more normal. (And they definitely vary, some being pretty much pure theory, others being "how to learn Java in four years" and different people will value different ones more. I'm can't speak universally, unfortunately.)