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Well, your description explains why they are hiring people all the time: they are leaving about as fast as they get in.

Companies with big call centres often have a very high staff turnover, and once they top management have accepted that, they don't even bother looking into the reasons. Which then leads to a situation where this all is so cemented that talking to a single manager won't change a thing.

I have worked at one company in the past where IT were in the same room with customer support, and it took a while before we could get some separation and higher cubicle walls to separate IT from the rest.

However, the overall description is such that I would have to agree with the other posters Shauna and pthesis: get out. This doesn't sound like your boss is supporting his team, it sounds like he approaches this completely from a top management point of view, and if that is the case he won't even listen to you. Sad, but true.