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No, developers haven't got lazier or less competent. Yes, there is a steadily decreasing need for actual development, in the sense that you know it. And yes, this is very much because businesses want quick results, and why shouldn't they?

However, there is an end-point. There will always be a need for some developers.

A lot of requirements are the same across different projects. The one you're talking about is UI code. Most UIs are made up of a specific set of fields - textbox, checkbox, radio, select, etc. - and there is really no point in developing these from scratch, over and over and over. So abstraction layers are put in to take away all of that boilerplate code.

Likewise the data layer, which is usually nothing but Insert This, Delete This, Replace This and a large number of different views of the same data. Why keep writing that over and over? Let's invent ORMs.

The only thing you should be developing is code that is unique to the business you're developing for.

But there will always be that uniqueness - where there isn't, there is a business opportunity - and there will always be a need for people to write code.

All that said, also bear in mind that there is a lot more to being a developer than writing code. Whether you are coding in pure assembly or knocking together Drupal components to make a content-driven site, you are translating the business need into something that the computer understands.

The most important part of being a software developer is being able to understand the business requirement well enough to explain it to the computer.

It doesn't really matter what language you're using to explain things to the computer, it only matters that you can. And this is hard work, nothing lazy about it.