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What should be the workflow with a git repository?

I work on several git repositories though on most not more than 2 people work. Mostly me and my boss. Very often when we work in parallel it happens that "git log" doesn't look so nice because of the merge commits. My boss always complains about that. I really hate that fact because this makes me effectively serialize my work. To prevent these merge commits I must always rebase to the most recent version and go to the other office to make sure that my boss doesn't forget to process the merge requests before committing stuff himself. Even worse he told me that since one week or so he doesn't get email notification for merge request, though I have problems to believe that.

Even more worse he now does himself merge request for peer reviewing, elevating the problem more. (The best part is he thinks I always forget to rebase and update on time...) On several occasions I already tried to explain to him that I do everything the way he suggests but he doesn't believe me because he has more experience with git, at least in non-teamwork-environments.

I work at this place since 3 months, though I actually do teamwork since a few weeks. I really wished we would use svn because with this workflow in git I waste a lot of my time and I get a headache. In particular we have about 40 repos with modules which are in most cases not longer than 3000 LOC. So when I change something intimate in Repo A I might have to change something in Repo B. If I was deciding, I would put all that stuff into one repo, at least the modules which belong to one group of software.

Of course as a new employee you cannot critisize your boss too much or influence him too much. So what is the best way to deal with this problem?