I'm passionate about data mining, I have read some books like Programming Collective Intelligence, and I would like to know more good books, specially practical ones, about data mining in conjunction with AI. Any tips will be appreciated as well. Thanks.

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Ok. The following books are the top books that any data mining lover would recommend you reading:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
  2. Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques, Third Edition
  3. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, Second Edition

Read those and you "won't need" any more theory =) However, you will need to get your hands dirty.


Data Mining, 3rd Edition is really extensive and useful book. I read it to learn about Data Mining. It contains advanced Data Mining subjects like "Real Machine Learning Schemes", "Data Transformation", "Ensemble Learning" and Weka data mining project.

Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security as it is obvious discuses data mining in the perspective of Computers security.

Data Mining Concepts, Models and Techniques is a gentle introduction and a well explained book about data mining in general.


A brilliant introduction to the concepts of data mining and statistical analysis can be found in Gordon Linoff's Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel book.

This is a great book if your background is in data warehousing, data analysis or business intelligence


I'm assuming you have built the requisite mathematical foundation. In any case, here's a good, comprehensive guide from the basics to the advanced -


Edit: From your profile I see that you just started CS in college, hence I would suggest that you build the base first and then move on to actual data mining.


I've looked at several of the suggested books and have found Introduction to Machine Learning by Pan, Steinbach and Kumar to be the best. One thing it has that most of the others don't is a whole chapter at the beginning on data preparation and how to represent data to the algorithms. I've not found a better treatment of that very important piece of data mining.

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