I'm starting a new project in PHP, a plugin for a website that grabs additional data from it through cURL, getContents etc and re-tabulates it in excel. It's a local project, basic script like with a very limited UI. Iv'e been using Codeigniter and it's a great framework for websites, and even the Twitter application I'm using it for but I don't think I need MVC (necessarily) for this small project but I also don't want to go bare. What would your typical workflow be for this kind of weekend assignment where your creating a local do-something script or like in my case adding functionality to a website? Is there something in between a light weight MVC framework and a blank page?

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If you want to build MVC-structure, you can do it even without framework. It's easy.
If you want to write little script isn't mandatory to build MVC. Just keep it SOLID, and it will live long and happy life :)

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