In ASP.NET Web Forms if you want to use jQuery and call a method directly, you should either implement a web service, or use Page Methods. Also you can use Generic Handlers (.ashx files).

However, in ASP.NET MVC, a controller action (a method in nature) can be called directly from jQuery.

What web services has to offer in ASP.NET MVC world? In other words, seems that I can fulfill of my requirements via MVC's clean URLs, controllers and actions. Should I bother using Web Services?

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I think you got it all wrong regarding Web Services... Your page methods analogy is correct, but web services is a whole other ball game.

Here is a small, yet to the point, explanation on why use web services:


Wikipedia's definition for Web Services also gives you an insight into why they are used.

There are many reasons, but the main one, I would say, is interoperability.

But, yeah, if all you used web services for was to use jQuery to call a method directly, then you probably shouldn't use web services...

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