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If you develop with ASP.NET, which other technologies do you use?

I'm currently learning C#, but I've noticed that there is a lot of demand for ASP.NET developers.

I purchased the book 'Beginning ASP.NET 4: in C#' by Wrox. I will start with that book and finish the web project provided in the book after I've learned C# fully.

I wanted to know how much C#, SQL, CSS, XHTML, Javascript and/or jQuery I need to learn in order to have a chance of getting an entry level ASP.NET job.


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Here is a good litmus test:

  • Can you build a cookbook application?

At its core, a cookbook application is a CRUD application. This means it includes web pages which:

  • C reate data.
  • R ead data.
  • U pdate data.
  • D elete data.

To do this (without an out-of-the-box CMS of course ;), you must implement a fair amount of C#, SQL, XHTML, and CSS. This would be a good start.

Once you can build a cookbook application, reflect a little bit more. Can you build an attractive cookbook application? That is, can you build an application which is both aesthetically pleasing and very usable?

To do this, you must implement a fair amount of javascript and/or jQuery.

If you can do this, then you are most certainly ready to interview for an entry-level ASP.NET position.

And when preparing for the interview, be ready to discuss your experience putting together the "cookbook application".