I need a small clarification about StreamInsight, I know by doc's that StreamInsight can handle multiple concurrent Events. But will the event producer be a separate function, for ex: I need to watch a folder for new Files because all my sensors will write readings every day in a new file in particular drive.

Method 1: FileSystemWatcher:

These is the traditional approach where we write a service using FileSystemWatcher to watch a folder for new files,etc.. Upon receiving event from FileSystemWatcher il perform some operations on these files.

How to do these using StreamInsight???

I came know that using IObservable i can push events to StreamInsight. But is there anything to watch folder is StreamInsight like FileSystemWatcher. OR In order to raise events to StreamInsight do we need to use FileSystemWacther?

Any suggestion regarding these is highly appreciated.

Thank in Advance

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You would need to create an IObservable input adapter that utilises the file system watcher, raising a new event when files change or are added. There's no out of the box support for this, you have to create your own adapter or check out the samples on MSDN.

You then create a query that observes the input adapter to process the changes.

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