I'm developing various websites and functionality to cater to various different use-cases up in Django.

Is there a good notation for showing what behaviour is at each stage, e.g., swimlanes.

I use BPMN 2 notation for everything, but feel that I am overusing this, and probably abusing the notation :P


BPMN 2.0 diagram

Please recommend a suitable notation for showing the interactions between model, view and controller, as well as some of the inner business-logic in each stage.


Your diagrams look clean and accurate. A good diagram type for

for showing the interactions between model, view and controller

would be a uml sequence diagram. For your

inner business-logic in each stage

i recommend uml statechart diagrams.

Are you generating code from them or is it just a documentation? If you just document it feels like overuse, cause you have to update always the code and the diagrams. I would only use it where the code is to complex (if this isn't a smell and any better design exists).

But if you cultivate these diagrams for customers, then they are great (if your customers understand them ;) )!

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  • Thanks Sebastian, I'm making these diagrams so that developers better understand the system, and so that they can troubleshoot logic errors at the high-level of a diagram. Sequence diagram isn't what I'm looking for... :\ – A T Dec 30 '11 at 12:15

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