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I am going to enter university next fall in computer sciences, but have been programming already for a few years. I am currently doing web application development. I use Python and Java mainly.

I also know C++, but never really pacticed it because everytime I think of a project, there seems to be a language that is better suited for the job than C++. For example, Java seems to give the same result as C++, but in a more productive way (even performance-wise, Java is not far behind C++). Not to mention that the Java library is much greater than the C++ one. This makes me wonder where, in the world of web development, could I use C++ and get an advantage that other languages won't give me? I currently believe that it would be as an add-on to a language like Java or Python.


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Actually the main Java VM implementation (HotSpot) is written in C++. This language is still very used mainly for performance and memory issue I think, and because there are still a lot of C and C++ developers. You can find here some application made in C++.

C++ can use C method that are low level, it can be usefull for some application. I don't know if you can write easily a driver in Java for example.

It is also used for creating GUI or games with Qt and SDL.

So C++ is still a good language that can't be totally replaced with Python or Java.


There are whole industries (games, high-perf garphics, etc) where C++ is the dominant language today and likely to stay dominant for a while.


Google does lots of work in C++.


Anywhere you go, where you need performance, C and C++ are the way to go.


In embedded system development, C and C++ are widely used. We can say that C is industry standart for embedded development. You can easily find a compiler for nearly all micro-controllers. There are also lots of computer program/tool written in C/C++. Games and 3D designing softwares (CAD,CAM) also prefer C++.

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