I'm fairly new to Azure but I noticed that Visual Studio auto-creates the following folders (among others)

/<nameOfAzureProject>/csx <==

Now the bin and obj folders are fairly standard. But I'm not clear about the purpose of the csx folder. Any ideas?

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It contains a packaged version of your project. I found a blog entry mentioning it.

Before an Azure package can be deployed to the emulator it must first be packaged. Since v1.4 of the Windows Azure Tools, the csx folder and its contents are no longer generated during compilation... So in order to force the generation of the csx folder we need to specify that the package should be generated for the compute emulator within the Azure project file...

:: Deploying to the Azure Compute Emulator

Now that we have the csx package folder generated after each compilation run we can use the CSRun command-line tool to deploy the folder to the emulator...

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