I've been using Python for a while now, both in the context of personal and professional projects.

One thing that occured to me recently is that I had never thought about a good way to deploy Python programs. Basically, since it's mostly a bunch of scripts, I usually just copy them to the machine where I want it deployed and voila !

But I believe there should be some good practices as to how you should deploy Python projects. I've heard about Python Eggs but not familiar enough with it to see if it's a good choice. Or a plain old tarball with a bunch of Shell scripts to run the core module scripts?

Basically I'd like to be able to do a nice, elegant and self-contained deployment, and not just copying files here and there, as it doesn't allow version tracking easily and it's quite messy.

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Have a look at the Python package tutorial. There are several ways described there: distutils and easyinstall are the main ones. Note that some nix distributions will package things in their own format (.deb, rpm, etc) so you may look at those as well.

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