As a learning experience, and as project, I am attempting to write a CMS module for ZF2. One of the functionality I would like to have is the possibility of adding dynamic contents in the pages by calling PHP functions in the view scripts.

However, I do not want to give the users freedom in writing PHP code directly inside the page content, but rather implement custom view helpers (or widgets) to handle logic. For example: calling partial, partialLoop, url, etc. specifying arguments and all.

I liked the idea of extending Markdown but this would get complicated when trying to add custom CSS class to elements, etc.

Then I had the idea of simply doing a preg_replace on some patterns. For example, the string :

### partialLoop:['partials/display.phtml',[{id:'p1',price:4.99},{id:'p2',price:12.34}]] ###

would be replaced by

<?php echo $this->partialLoop('partials/display.phtml', array(array('id'=>'p1','price'=>4.99),array('id'=>'p2','price'=>12.34))) ?>

Obviously, there would be some caching done so the page content is not rendered everytime. Does this sound good?

If not, what would be a good way of doing this? Or is there a project already being developed for doing this? (I'd like to avoid heavy third party libs and something fairly or fully compatible with ZF2 would be nice.)


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You should check out a template library called Twig. It would integrate well with ZF2 (many people have done it) and you can extend it to do anything you want or to limit anything you want.

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