Name's Vlad and I am currently on my third year of Community College, studying Computer Science with emphasis on Programming in C++ and Networking. I have completed a few programming courses with general ease, but have not gained advanced understanding of programming through school. None of my friends are serious programmers working in the industry.

Being an active lurker on many programming websites, and in general tech oriented sites I have noticed how little I know about the industry, the lingo and terminology. (I have no clue how Git hub works, but I generally understand what its for). So I am looking for help as to where I should look for information on the programming world and the industry in which I a very interested. By that I mean, what sites I should utilize to gain information on programming practices, introduction to advanced C++ and resources that simply introduce a 20some programming noob. I like programming, but I haven't dug my hands deep into it yet, I want to start to do so before I transfer to a University. All in all, where do I find information on becoming an actual programmer (Information that lays out a path).

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    Program as much as you can: challenge yourself with different interesting non-trivial problems and applications. Practice, practice and practice. What comes to source of information, there are a lot of nice books (I'm sure you'd find many links on stackoverflow.com).
    – superM
    Sep 11, 2012 at 18:47
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    Find a problem that you have, or a cool idea that you want to be realized, and make them happen. Sep 11, 2012 at 18:47
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    Your enthusiasm is admirable, but this question is off topic.
    – Ryathal
    Sep 11, 2012 at 18:53
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    @Ryathal well if that is true, where should I ask a question like this? This is precisely my issue. Sep 11, 2012 at 19:07
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    I would get a Java certification and find a job. Java is the easiest of languages and the most sought after by employers. Working with better programmers is the fastest way to learn. Read whatever you enjoy reading, you'll figure it out along the way.
    – Jano
    Sep 11, 2012 at 19:34

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Start by creating your own little projects, creating new things everyday would help you gain confidence and hand-on practice with programming language/frameworks that you use.

Also look and learn from open-source projects which are hosted free for curious programmers. They would really help you understand on how to use best practices while doing your coding and how decide on design. In addition, try to get involved in open-source project development, it will boost your self-learning and improvement dramatically.

Even-though you are a beginner/newbie programmer, you may get up-to speed on what skills are in demand for programmers. I would recommend to attend local community events to help with that. You may find some of these groups in communitymegaphone.com.

Talk with local buddy programmers, they are mostly good people who would not mind to help a college.


Take what you know and figure out a problem you think you can solve with your programming skills. then expand that program to do a little bit more, using Google to help fill in the blanks and then if you get stumped www.stackoverflow.com or Programmers.stackexchange.com for specific questions.

Read one book at a time. on one subject at a time, otherwise you may get confused. there are languages that work together but they are not the same, they function differently.


Build a personal website from scratch, find some small open-source projects and try to contribute and most important READ READ READ. Read lots of books. This will get you half way home.

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