I've noticed that July 26th (my birthday) is used really often in various PHP examples related to preventing http caching using Expires header, like:




What's special in that date?


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Probably somebody did that as an example of a cache expires a long time ago and then everybody copied it. Interestingly it's often expressed as "Mon, 26 July 1997", but the actual date occurred on a Saturday. It's not that interesting in terms of UTC seconds (seconds since 1970) since it is 869893200. Maybe it's just an example of CTRL-C/CTRL-V coding?


Only thing I could find was the release of Mac OS 8. Not related to CSS release dates, HTML, XML, PHP, Javascript, Internet Explorer, Nescape Navigator, Apache Foundation, MySQL, or anything else relevant I could wrack my brain for. I suspect it's probably someone's kid's birthday or anniversary or something. In short, it's a coincidence.


W3Schools example tutorial has the date. So its a copy paste and the developer forgot to update the expiry date.

enter image description here

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    They clearly copied it from the PHP Manual page. May 7, 2019 at 18:15

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