We are initiating a Spring + Primefaces project and the first problem we have encountered concerns storing the XHTML pages into the WEB-INF folder.

When we use a faces form in a view located inside the WEB-INF folder, then the commandButton does not execute the managed bean method.

 <h:form id="loginForm">
    <p:commandButton action="#{LoginMgr.doLogin()}" value="Login"/>

Our bean:

<bean id="LoginMgr" name="LoginMgr" class="com.tesipro.channelmanager.business.implemented.CMLoginManager">

In fact we think the problem is that with JSF, the pages are rendered using a link to the same page as the action of the form, so if the page is located in WEB-INF it is not publicly accessible.

We know that having all our XHTML views in the web folder instead of WEB-INF actually solves the issue, but we would like to store that pages into WEB-INF.

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Does storing it in "app/WEB-INF/view" folder help? We do have several actions defined in XHTMLs in "app/WEB-INF/view" folder. Not invoking a spring bean from there, though, but calling a web-flow action.

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