When creating a release with git flow like:

git flow release finish <branch_name>

I'm prompted for a release message. I grepped around to see where this go, but no succes. Any idea?


It is stored as a tag message.

git show <tag>

reveals the message.

Internally the tag is stored in .git/refs/tags/<tag>. The content of the <tag> file is a hash e.g. b04be91f81ead931b81eb6db72b4ec1179d27d8a. This hash points to a zlib compressed packfile (which is why you couldn't find it via grep), which is stored in .git/objects/b0/4be91f81ead931b81eb6db72b4ec1179d27d8a. To show the contents of the file, you can use

git cat-file -p b04be91f81ead931b81eb6db72b4ec1179d27d8a
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