I have tried to design the datastore schema for a very small application. That schema would have been very simple, if not trivial, using a relational database with foreign keys, many-to-many relations, joins, etc.

But the problem was that my application was targeted for Google App Engine and I had to design for a database that was not relational. At the end I gave up.

Is there a book or an article that describes design principles for applications that are meant for such databases?

The books that I have found are about programming for App Engine and they don't spend many words about database design principles.

  • There are no Design Principals for NoSql! It Name Value Pair Wild West!
    – Morons
    Nov 7, 2012 at 22:05

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In general, creating a data model for a NoSQL database is no different than for any other database (remember No stands for NotOnly). You should still look for cohesive objects that you can name and describe as:

  • entities (or in some cases: documents)
  • attributes
  • associations/relationships between entities

The difference to a traditional relational model may come from particularities of the NoSQL DB used, or the scenario you are trying to achieve (i.e. optimize for frequent reads, writes, udpates). For example, in a GAE application you can optimize read access by explicitely modeling parent/child relationships, keep data consistent by entity groups, and multi-valued properties to improve multi-entity join operations.

There is some good documentation on this (related to GAE) by the folks at Google and others:

BTW, GAE also provides support for relational DBs based on MySQL

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