I am trying to create a localized application in C# / WPF in Visual Studio 2012. For that I created two resource files and changed one string in a (XAML) window to use the resource files (instead of a hardcoded string).

I see the English text from the resource file, which is correct. However, I want to check if the other resource file (fr-FR) also works but I cannot find a setting or procedure how to change my 'project' to run in French.

Thanks in advance.


I've never been fond of the basic WPF "support" for localization. I've been using this for over four years: Advanced WPF Localization (the "advanced" version is relatively new - I used the "simple" version up to about a year ago). This implements a markup extension and allows you to localize text, images, brushes, etc. It also supports changing language on the fly, which can be useful in some scenarios.

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