I have a simple C++ RPC that lets you have remote class instances that support live members (data structures) update as well as method calls. For example I had a class declared like this (pseudocode):

class Sum{
    RPC_FIELD(int lastSum);
    RPC_METHOD(int summ(int a, int b))
     lastSum = a + b;
     return lastSum;

On machine A I had its instance. On machines B and C I had created its instances and connected them to machine A. So now they actually do all processing on machine A but machines B, C get lastSum class field updates automatically (and can subscribe to update event).

How to call (Nice Name) such a functionality when we have binding over network done automatically by RPC library? How RPC library creator can announce such feature?


Not sure what kind of name you're looking for, but I have called what you're describing by the following in the past (dependent on who required reports/descriptions):

  • RAU: Remote Auto-Updates
  • RSF: Remotely Synchronised Fields
  • CSF: Centrally Synchronised Fields
  • AFS: Automatic Field Synchronisation
  • SFF: Server Fed Fields
  • SUF: Server Updated Fields
  • CUF: Centrally Updated Fields

Although if you are looking for a definitive name, I am not entirely sure one exists, if there is I would be happy to find out though.

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