I'm experiencing a strange behavior with Atmosphere + Long Polling.

I'd like to have a broadcaster per user, so I have registered a broadcaster on resource suspension with id : /user/. I use Atmosphere on a clustered environnement, so I have configured to use an external broadcaster that use Hazelcast. (No chance for Redis, corporate rigidity).

Everything seems to work, BUT all broadcasted messages never reach the browser.

Future<Object> f = BroadcasterFactory.getDefault().lookup("/user/foo").broadcast("my lovely message");

I can see my pending request on each browser (Chrome/ Firefox), but no resume, and no response until the socket timeout to renew the connection.

My environment :

  • Servlet 3.0
  • JBoss AS7 7.20
  • Spring 3.2 + MeteorServlet
  • Atmosphere 1.1.0RC1 (same with the most stable version) + jQuery Atmosphere
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