I am reading "Javascript : The good Parts" to improve my Javascript bases and knowledge. I was reading stuff about prototype and I encountered in this function :

var stooge = { ... } 
if(typeof Object.create !== 'function'){
   Object.create = function(o) {
   var F = function () {};
   F.prototype = o;
   return new F();
var another_stooge = Object.create(stooge);

I didn't really get the meaning and the benefit of creating this function.

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It's only a shim for the standard Object.create function which isn't available in some browsers (yes, you guessed which one).

Note that it's not complete : it doesn't do everything that is done by Object.create but it's probably enough for the author.

As for why the author wanted to use Object.create instead of a explicit prototype based OOP, it's probably because it's a little simpler.

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