I'm a web developer, but lately I have been learning Clojure and now I'm interested in creating a p2p application. And since Clojure is a general purpose language, I guess I can just use that.

Any suggestions?


Assuming your running Clojure on the JVM, something like Pastry?

We can't help you much since you haven't given us much to work with, so have you done a general search for "Java p2p"? What have you tried already?

Note that p2p is quite complex with lots of non-trivial problems like bypassing firewall's and NATs. I would start with a client-server architecture first and only go to p2p when its impossible to scale the server further


Below are a couple links I just found:

  • Mist helps building distributed services by offering a UDP multiplexer, a Kademlia overlay and a simple pubsub protocol. At least that's what this gist says, and the code should be on github.
  • Nightweb can help building P2P apps on Android, and could be at least an inspiration.

As I said I just found these on the net, I never used any of these and don't even know how useful/usable these are. Also, this is not really an answer but this resource page on P2P created by a clojure programmer might be of interest.

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