Assume we have a few projects, each containing some web resources (e.g., html pages).

 +- web           (war)
 +- web-plugin-1  (jar)
 +- web-plugin-2  (jar)

Let's say web is the deployable war project which depends on the known, but selectable, set of plugins.

What is a good way to setup this using Spring and maven?

  1. Let the plugins be war projects and use mavens poor support for importing other war projects
  2. Put all web-resource for all plugins in the web project
  3. Add all web-resources to the classpath of all jar web-plugin-* dependencie and let spring read files from respective classpath?
  4. Other?

I've previously come from using #1, but the copy-paste semantics of war dependencies in maven is horrible.

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well, i use to work with point 3, definining all dependencies at parent's pom, including dependencies form modules, like that:






everything at pom's parent's it's easy to find what you need. if you need to call some service i i use to create a public jar with functions to call the service like ejb...


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