As I understand it, and I may be wrong, but GAE's remote_api allows one application to access another application's datastore. I'll be blunt I don't understand how this works. I have read the article that everyone likes to point to, but I still don't understand how you can link two applications. Can someone explain it to me, perhaps with a small example or just point me to a tutorial that does this?

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Think of remote_api as a remote shell to your own application. You're not linking two different applications together — there is no way to do that AFAIK — you're just communicating with a single application using a local shell. Your commands are sent over HTTP to a little handler running on your application, which then executes those commands in your app and returns the results. You need to enable remote_api in your app.yaml to get that handler running.

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    For future reference, it's better to post App Engine questions on Stack Overflow. In fact, Stack Overflow is now the official support channel for GAE. Jul 15, 2013 at 10:09

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