I'm wondering what you call an applications that are not hard coded around any database structure?

Let me give a small example:

I have one application where the views, the controllers and the model are tailored to the information and fields in the model, and thus the database.

I have a second (theoretical) application where the views and controllers are completely generic; I could change the fields in my database and make some minor adjustments to model classes and the application still works for editing/adding information.

I wouldn't try to create an application on either of these principles, but I'm wondering what you would label them as.

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    I'd call it "schema agnostic". But I would also call anything that is completely independent of the schema a framework, not an application. – Kilian Foth Jul 9 '13 at 11:08

IMHO it's not really the application that is not tied to a DB structure but its architecture.

In that case, we'll speak about Clean Architecture.

As Uncle Bob says:

a good architecture allows you to defer critical decisions like the UI, frameworks, database, etc

Have a look at this pretty interesting article as well, where it tells why:

Architecture is About Intent, not Frameworks

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