I just searched for the same but didn't get the answers. What I have is a db file which is around 100MB. I have saved the db file in sdcard .

Through this db file I'm going to populate the contents for the android app. I can read the db file using like below.

File dbfile = new File("/sdcard/Your_db_File.db" ); 
SQLiteDatabase  db = SQLiteDatabase.openOrCreateDatabase(dbfile, null);

What I'm concerned is about the memory. I have read like in assets it has some memory limitations. I'm just worried like will 100MB of db file in sdcard or external memory is a harm or is it OK to have 100MB db file? Or is there any limitations for sqlite db file in external storage as well? Suggestions are appreciated.

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SQLite itself has no problem with 100mb databases, as you can see here it can handle upwards of 140TB in a single database file.

As for Android, each system has different constraints since various providers can decide how much physical memory to install along with which apps run at startup, etc.

I imagine there should be little problem with a 100mb database since that is effectively quite small, however the only real way to know would be to test it on a variety of target devices in a variety of scenarios.

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