I have a project licensed under the GPL. However, it includes a bit of code from animate.css, which uses the MIT license. How would I include the appropriate licensing information for that CSS? I've included that bit of css (maybe 25 or so lines) in my main stylesheet, so I'd rather not have a huge stamp like what's on this page, if I can avoid it.

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IANAL, but instead of putting the whole license terms in your your CSS it's often common to put just its name and a link to the full termsso something like this would do:

/* Licensed under the MIT/X11 License (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) */

Plus, as your project is GPL and you're forced to redistribute the whole source anyways, you'll have your own code-repository or code archive somewhere, in which you could have a LICENSE or CONTRIBUTING text file containing the licensing terms for your app (GPL) and dependencies (here the MIT/X11 for that bit of CSS). That's a pretty common way to go about things.

Another good example to follow (but here with GPL and MIT instead of ASL or what have you) is outlined in the Apache Foundation Developer's Guide section on Assembling Licenses.


The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

So... You must include it somehow.

Definitely leave the (c) copyright 2014 So-and-So, it's that person's hard work after all.

Then you can link the MIT licensing information by just adding a url to it. Just make sure that the license is available and that link doesn't go down. I'd recommend just putting the license in a .txt file on your server so you know it's available.


You main stylesheet is GPL, GPL requires whole derived work to be covered by GPL and MIT allows it. So you just mention the source, but I don't think you need to include the license since it does not apply anyway. Besides 25 lines is unlikely to be considered substantial portion anyway.

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