I am coding a Java program on my development machine. Maven packages this a myjar.jar, and I can run it from the command line using java -cp myjar.jar my.FantasticClass. It uses library somelib.jar. I use Maven, and the project is hosted on github.

When I want to run my project on the target machine, what is the best way to go?

I could package my code as a jar, grab the somelib.jar and move it to the target machine manually, but I suppose I could also check out the Maven project from github on the target machine, run it, and have Maven both generate the jar and get the somelib.jar file.

Or am I simply overlooking something?

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I found this solution on StackOverflow - use maven-assembly-plugin, and invoke

mvn clean compile assembly:single

Then I can just run the jar like this:

java -jar MyJar.jar

Here are the required additions to the POM file. My main class is demo.GraphTest


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