When developing a new RESTful application, I generally:

  • Define tests
  • Define routes [ e.g.: RESTful CRUD; namespaced on /api/users ]
  • Define models [ e.g.: "Users" ]
  • Define forms [ e.g.: in JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML5 and CSS ]

Currently thinking about throwing an API explorer into the mix… which would be another bit of double-typing.

The best way I can think of for moving forward is:

  1. Define new schema once; using JSON-schema notation
  2. Engineer a code-generator to generate tests; and some random data with correct types for input
  3. Develop a code-generator to create RESTful routes from JSON schema
  4. Utilise something like metawidget to generate frontend forms from decoupled backend

Is this the best way of encouraging DRY; is there a better/alternate way you can think of / industry best practise?

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