Memory refresher/My understanding:

A 2-3 tree is a balanced search tree that allows two types of nodes.

  1. 2-node: Normal node with two children.

    • LChild < Parent and RChild > Parent
  2. 3-node: Node with two parents and three children.

    • Parent1 < Parent2
    • LChild < Parent1, Parent1 < MChild < Parent2, RChild >Parent2

A 2-3 tree is always balanced, and grows when the root raises the height of the tree by one.


My question is then as follows, given n distinct keys, how many different 2-3 trees can one construct?

My math skills are poor, so if anyone knows how I should "math" in order to approach an answer, then that would be awesome! :)


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Let T[n] be the number of 2-3-trees with n keys. We have:

  • T[n] = sum with k from 1 to n of T[k - 1] * T[n - k], because we can make a 2-node with the key k, with left tree with keys 1, ..., k - 1 and right tree with keys k + 1, ..., n. For each arrangement of the left tree, we have the arrangements of the right tree, so we must multiply the two. This counts the case when we're dealing with 2-nodes;

  • T[n] += sum with k from 1 to n of sum with p from k + 1 to n of T[k - 1] * T[p - k - 1] * T[n - p]. This counts the case when we're dealing with 3-nodes;

Base case is T[0] = 1.


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