Is there a way to find errors caused by crafted input in php, such as naming POST-fields like variable[] instead of variable, causing PHP to implicitly convert it into an array, by using some form of automated testing?

  • Could you detail the kind of testing you have in mind? Ideally whatever code consumes the POST data would have its own validation logic. – Darien May 4 '14 at 8:43

Use type assertions as annotations in the code:

class Author
     * @Assert\Type("string")
    protected $firstName;

     * @Assert\Type(
     *     type="integer",
     *     message="The value {{ value }} is not a valid {{ type }}."
     * )
    protected $age;

Or settype in the tests themselves:

$foo = "42";
echo gettype($foo); // Yields "string"
// Here we change the type from string -> integer
settype($foo, "integer");
echo gettype($foo); // Yields "integer"


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