I am building an Integration Testing Solution using Selenium in VS2012, which will be run on a CI server in the near future. I need to provide some way to vary the values being used for testing. The easiest would be to provide the QA testers with a few template spreadsheets, which they can fill in to run tests with those values (for example Log-In, Create new user, Create new Booking, Update Reservation etc).

At this moment I have a Test project using NUnit, and another project that contains the test execution code using Selenium, with sample values hardcoded in workflows for each test.

I have done some searching, but came up with no relevant results. I am either using incorrect terminology, or this has never been done (improbable, I know).

Have you done this, or heard/read about someone who has? I'd like to not reinvent this particular wheel.


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It sounds like you are describing Cucumber.

What you're really looking for is Acceptance Test and Behavior Driven Development (ATDD and BDD) tools. If Cucumber is not what you are looking for, I hope those terms help you in your search.

  • Thank you! Cucumber led me to SpecFlow which seems to exactly what I need.
    – callisto
    May 21, 2014 at 13:51

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