I'm using OSGi for some time and I really like the ability to swap/replace components while my application is running. I simply have to build my module and push it to the OSGi container.

Is there a similar concept/framework for clojure?

I know about leiningen's dependency management which really helps modularity but I know of no built-in way to hot swap code.

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    Clojure has high-order functions and immutability. You can "hot-swap" any time you like. A Google Search for Clojure Hot Swap yielded this as the first search result. Jun 24, 2014 at 16:16

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The notion of "hot swapping" doesn't really make sense in Clojure, at least not as something different from normal. It's always possible to change things by re-evaluating the code that you want to change.

It's worth having a look at pomegranate which allows you to dynamically add new dependencies.

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